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Erregistratu LabsLand-en

If you are using LabsLand as a student of a university, college or school, you should not register here.

Instead, you should either:

  • Have received an email from LabsLand with a registration link. Follow that link and register there.
  • Have received a registration link to LabsLand by an instructor of your university or school. Follow that link and register there.
  • Use LabsLand from the Learning Management System that you use (e.g., Canvas, Moodle, Google Classroom)

In few special cases (like students in MOOCs, edX, Udemy) you should register here. If that is the case, select the other option.

You will be able to use the laboratories a couple of times. If you are interested, you can go to the Pricing page to can create an institution account or contact our sales department to see all the features: integration in learning management systems, analytics of usage by students, etc.

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